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We are Debt Movement!

And we are here to empower you to take control of your debt, and find financial freedom through our process of providing professional debt advice and solutions.

At Debt Movement we understand that bad debt happens to good people

Over 10 million South Africans are estimated to be over-indebted. We understand the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights which come with being overwhelmed by debt.

We know that bad debt happens to good people. Our commitment is to provide the best service to our Clients, helping them to manage their debt, showing compassion and earning their trust. We journey together with our Clients guiding them to their financial freedom, so that they can live their best lives again.

We have a team of well-trained debt experts and Debt Counsellors ready to assist our Clients in securing an affordable, personalised, monthly payment which will cater for all accounts. Through Debt Review, a government legislated process that forms part of the National Credit Act, we help South Africans reduce their debt repayments by up to 50%, end debt collector harassment, and legally protect their assets from repossession.

Our core values


Trust is the foundation on which we build every relationship – with our clients and with their creditors.


Compassion, empathy and kindness sit at the heart of everything we do at Debt Movement.


We are committed to helping our clients and to walking every step of the journey with them to find financial freedom.

Why sign up with Debt Movement?

We stop creditors from harassing you.
We secure your assets against repossession.
We liaise with your all your creditors, to reduce your interest rates.
We extend the terms of your repayments.
We lower your overall monthly debt repayments.
We help you manage your debt so you can afford your monthly living expenses.