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Debt Movement to the rescue

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What is Debt Review?

Debt Movement specialises in a service called Debt Review, also known as Debt Rescue or Debt Counselling. This is a government legislated process that forms part of the National Credit Act and has been created to protect people who have become over-indebted.

Bad debt happens to good people, and Debt Review is a program created specifically to rescue people who have found themselves in financial difficulty. When you enter into Debt Review, the Debt Movement team will get your Creditors to reduce your monthly instalments and interest rates.

The process will also protect you and your assets from collectors, preserving and securing your future as you begin the journey towards becoming debt free. Entering Debt Review enables you to manage your costs of living and regain your financial freedom.

The Debt Movement Debt Counsellors have used the Debt Review process to help thousands of people manage their debt and find financial freedom.

Who needs Debt Review?

There are currently over 10 million South Africans who are over-indebted and are struggling to maintain their monthly debt payments and living expenses. If that sounds like you, then you are not alone, and help is at hand. Bad debt happens to good people, and Debt Movement is here to protect you and help you find financial freedom.

How can Debt Review and Debt Movement help me?

The benefits of Debt Review to you are immeasurable… Aside from the peace-of-mind that the process will bring you, other benefits include:

  • Reduced monthly repayments of up to 50% to your creditors.
  • Court-mandated protection of your assets – including your home, vehicle and funds required for essential payments (including medical aid, insurances, mobile, school fees and more) – from collectors and creditors.
  • More cash available monthly for your living expenses.
  • The provision of a manageable monthly budget to help you manage your finances.
  • Expert advice and guidance by one of Debt Movement’s Debt Counsellors to help you become debt free in 60 months

Contact Debt Movement today to learn about our programme and how we will guide you through the journey to becoming debt free.

Where do I start with Debt Movement?

The first step is to realise that there is help at hand, and that the financial challenges you are facing are not insurmountable.
You are not alone. Debt Movement is here for you, and we will work with you, supporting and enabling you to rebuild your finances.
All you need to do is chat to us, and then we will guide you through the process.
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