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The Debt Restructuring Plan

As per the National Credit Act, Debt Movement will create a debt restructure payment plan, known as Debt Review, that suits your needs and income.

Central to your Debt Review plan, the Debt Movement team will negotiate with your credit providers to reduce your interest rates, extend your payment term, and protect your assets from repossession.

Once under Debt Review with Debt Movement, we will stop debt collector harassment and ensure that your home, car and other assets are legally protected from repossession by court order.

At the same time, your debt restructuring plan will reduce your monthly debt repayments by up to 50%, freeing up additional cash every month for you to live your best life again.

Your journey to financial freedom begins now…

Here’s how it works


Financial Assessment
Complete our FREE (no obligation) assessment of your Financial Situation.


Determine your over indebtedness.
Our professional, caring, non-judgemental Debt Counsellor will assess your income and expenses to determine if you are over indebted or not.


Notify to your Credit Providers and Credit Bureaus
We will inform all your credit providers and credit bureaus that you are under Debt Counselling. This will stop any further calls from Credit Providers or Debt Collection Agency.


Negotiation with your Credit Providers
We will negotiate with your Credit Providers and set up a restructured payment plan personalised to you, allowing you to make one affordable monthly repayment.


Legal Representation
Our Qualified Legal Team will apply at the Court to have your restructured payment plan a court order that is legally binding protecting you against any legal action.

Let us guide you to becoming debt free and help you find financial freedom!
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