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Frequently Asked Questions

Debt Review is the same as Debt Counselling and is a service offered to over-indebted South Africans by Debt Movement. Debt Review is a government legislated process created to assist and protect over-indebted South Africans. Debt Review is a process in which a person enlists a Debt Counsellor to help them manage their debt.

Once in Debt Review, a person is protected from debt collectors. Your Debt Movement Debt Counsellor will contact all of your creditors and inform them that you are in Debt Review. This immediately stops the harassment by debt collectors.

Your Debt Counsellor will then begin the process of renegotiating and consolidating your debt, reducing your interest rates, extending your repayment terms, and restructuring your debt to align with your financial situation, enabling you to manage your repayments while still having disposable income to manage your living expenses.

The Debt Review process also legally protects your assets from repossession, ensuring your creditors cannot seize your house, your car, or any other assets.

Many people consider Debt Consolidation loans as a solution to their financial difficulties. While this solution may simplify and even reduce repayments, this strategy lacks many of the benefits of Debt Review. For instance, the Debt Review process legally protects your assets from seizure by creditors and also legally stops harassment and calls from debt collectors and debt collection agencies.

Furthermore, while undergoing Debt Counselling, you will work with a professional Debt Counsellor who will renegotiate your terms with your creditors, restructuring your finances and budget in a way that enables you to manage your debt repayments while still having additional cash each month to cover other living expenses.

There are set fees as per the fee guideline from the National Credit Regulator that people should be charged.

The current fee structure can be viewed here.

Debt Counsellors are not allowed to charge above the set fees.

Any South African experiencing or who is likely to experience debt-related problems and is having difficulty making their current monthly payments. A person who is over-indebted may approach a Debt Counsellor directly, or may be referred to a Debt Counsellor such as Debt Movement by their creditor/s, the Magistrate Court, or the National Credit Regulator. The person must choose their own Debt Counsellor and should also have a distributable income which will be used to offer reduced payments to the credit providers.

Yes, Debt Review and Debt Counselling are the same thing, and the terms are used interchangeably.

Debt Movement South Africa offers Debt Review and Debt Counselling to over-indebted South Africans.

While you are under Debt Review, you will be listed as such with the credit bureaus, meaning that you will not be able to apply for additional credit or loans. However, once you have exited Debt Review, your credit score will be reinstated and there will be no long term negative consequences.

One of the biggest benefits of Debt Review, or Debt Counselling, is that all of your assets are legally protected from repossession, bringing you unimaginable peace of mind. The only potential negative of Debt Review is that, while under Debt Review, you will be unable to apply for additional credit or loans.

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